Monday, 30 November 2015

Sardar Mudassar Iftikhar as a Columnist

Sardar Mudassar Iftikhar is a well known writer and from 4th November,2015 He has started to write columns. According To him:

"I am writing columns because writing is my passion and I want to write column on every social issue. I will also point out the problems in many fields of life. There are too many things which I think can be discussed only in columns and I will discuss all of them in my columns"

Columnist: Sardar Mudassar Iftikhar
Columns Name: Mary Qalam Say

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Sardar Mudassar Iftikhar picture

Latest very nice picture of Sardar mudassar Iftikhar

Sardar Mudassar Iftikhar party picture

Latest picture of Sardar Mudassar Iftikahr taken in Welcome Party of Mgt Sciences AUST 2015.
A very nice event was that.